We’re returning to in-person conferences

June 13-16, 2022, Oklahoma City, OK

See you there!


Conferences are the highlight of our year. They help us come together as a community of cantors, singers, spiritual leaders, teachers and friends. As we have grown over the years since 1982, our conferences have evolved into a multi day experience of prayer, learning, song and spirit. Our tefillot are moving and meaningful, and our workshops, led by peers, mentors and nationally recognized experts, enrich our cantorate and help us grow and evolve.

We can’t wait to see you!

Conference Chairs:  Linda Sweenie, Debby Lewis

Ilana Axel, Caron Dale, Sally Heckelman, Sharon Hordes, Gail Nalven, Rebecca Schwartz, Diane Weil

  • * Vocal Health Workshop—Alexandria Carmon
  • It’s in Me, It’s in You: Meeting the Challenge of Implicit Bias—Ilana Axel
  • * Unpacking the Funeral—Kathy Sebo
  • Imitation Through Music: Flattery or Cultural Misappropriation?—Risa Wallach
  • * Trauma, Music, and the Breath—Heather Aranyi
  • Nusach & Neshama: Using Traditional Weekday Chant in the Shiva Minyan—Arlyne Unger
  • * Technology: It’s Here to Stay—Linda Sweenie
  • Women’s Work: Weaving and Textiles in the Torah—Emily Meyer

* Indicates workshop will be available (view only) to virtual as well as in-person attendees

June 13 – 16, 2022, Oklahoma City, OK

Temple B’nai Israel
4901 North Pennsylvania
Oklahoma City, OK 73112
Phone: 405-848-0965

Embassy Suites Oklahoma City Northwest
3233 Northwest Expressway
Oklahoma City, OK 73112
Phone: 405-842-6633
Rate for Conference: $144/night for Queen Suite (includes breakfast)

Will Rogers Airport to Hotel: goo.gl/maps/MaGoRT2JSM5pwoiq7
Will Rogers Airport to Synagogue: goo.gl/maps/ofePB5BsxkgUbv4F7
Hotel to Synagogue: goo.gl/maps/JwwoPvhdxyC1zcjg9

Given that we want to be open and inclusive to our members, while still keeping everyone safe and healthy to the best of our ability, the WCN Board voted on March 31 on the following policy* for our conference.

Temple B’nai Israel (our host congregation) has updated its COVID policies and the world is a different place than when we set those polices back in November. Therefore, we are opening the conference to all of our membership, regardless of vaccination status, with the following protocols in place:

Protocols for Temple B’nai Israel:

For vaccinated attendees: proof of vaccination/booster is required.

Once you register for the conference, please scan or take a photo of your vaccine card and email it to Linda Sweenie (lsweenie@tbiokc.net) with the SUBJECT LINE: Vaccine Card.

Masking in all parts of the Temple building is optional for those fully vaccinated.

For unvaccinated attendees: high filtration masks are mandatory at all times in the building (except when eating or drinking).

Once you register for the conference, please send an email to Linda Sweenie (lsweenie@tbiokc.net) with the SUBJECT LINE: Vaccine Status. In the body of the email, please state:

I am unvaccinated and I agree to abide by all of the protocols put in place by both the host synagogue and the WCN. Then please sign (or type) your name.

For all attendees: the sanctuary is set up for social distancing.

Additional WCN Protocols:

All attendees must take a rapid test at home the morning of travel.

All attendees must take a rapid test every morning during the conference (the WCN will provide rapid tests in OKC). This is to be done before you leave the hotel to come to the synagogue for the day.

Questions? Contact Linda Sweenie at lsweenie@tbiokc.net

*All of this is subject to change, based upon Covid rates and/or synagogue policy change.

Copyright Policy: Women Cantors’ Network
April 2015

The WCN is an organization that respects music and musicians and composers. It is our responsibility as carriers of Jewish music traditions to adhere to both the letter of the civil law, as well as Torah law, when it comes to copyright. The following are the rules for music usage, sharing and performance:

Part I: Copyright Rules at Conferences:

Written Music:

Permission to use music at the conferences is required. This includes at T’filah, unless the piece is in public domain. The individual composer or arranger will let you know if they require licensing and fees.

All music that is disseminated at the WCN Conference and must be clearly labeled: “WCN – For one-time use only. Copying not permitted.”

Note: this goes for written music and for chord/guitar tablature, as well as well as electronic sharing: overhead/power point presentations, tablets or any electronic or digitized forms. This is solely the responsibility of the person sharing the music at a conference in any form: worship, sessions/workshops or song/niggun share.

In addition, post-conference, none of the written music may be copied, re-used, shared, posted, given away or sent in any form without express written permission of the composer/arranger. Again, the onus falls to the person presenting/performing the piece of music.

Conference Concert performances:

Due diligence must be used in obtaining permission and licensing, if required, by the composer/arranger, to sing a piece in concert or performance – whether or not a fee is charged for attendance.

T’filah/Worship Services:

Singing at a worship service falls under Fair Use for churches and only the performance of the music is covered, not a song sheet with lyrics only, or a power point, or other electronic use. Permission/licensing (as above) is required for pieces that are used under other conditions. Under Fair Use law, you may make a copy for an accompanist, but that copy is not allowed to be used again after the performance.


The laws regarding streaming are very complex and are changing constantly. As we do not have a clearinghouse (such as BMI or ASCAP) that polices and pays Jewish composers, it is recommended that we do not stream anything at the conference. Legal experts are divided on this, and, in the absence of a clear mandate, our tradition calls on us to be cautious, and err on the side of NOT stealing someone’s work.

Note: Fair Use covers only “brick and mortar” performances – in the actual building of the worship service. Once it leaves the building (via the web, for example), no matter whether you are making money or not, you are breaking copyright law. The lack of money changing hands does not negate the fact that you cannot broadcast, disseminate or share music that you do not own the copyright to.

Part II: List-Serve and Sharing:

“Does anyone have a copy of…?”

It is against the law to give someone else music that is not yours. Period. We have many resources at the WCN, and requests for music can and should be followed up with links to these resources: “Hey, I love and use So-and-So’s V’shamru. Here is how you can reach her,” or “you can find it on OySongs or with Hal Leonard or HaZamir Publications…” or hundreds of others. Requesting chords to a song, without requesting written music should be handled on a case-by-case basis. Please use your discretion. Ideally, all requests should be forwarded directly to the composer or publishing company.

“My office was just moved and I have in it a box, but can’t find it and I need it by tonight!”

Again, please use your discretion – if they already own it, it falls under Fair Use.

The easiest law to remember: If you don’t own it, you can’t share it. Go directly to the composer/arranger – most in the Jewish music world are overjoyed to share! Adrian Durlester is compiling a list of composers and publishers that he is happy to share with the WCN at a future date.

Respectfully submitted,

Robbi Sherwin, Vice President
Women Cantors’ Network

2022 Conference Registration
In person fee prior to April 30:
$280.00 (Early bird discount)
In person fee AFTER April 30:
In person fee AFTER June 1:
$350.00 (Late registration)
In person STUDENT rate until 6/1:
In person STUDENT rate after 6/1:
To request Student rate, you must be enrolled at least half-time in a Cantorial, Rabbinic, or Jewish Education program.
Virtual (view only) attendance:

Conference scholarships are available. We encourage you to take advantage of this confidential process. Click here for the scholarship request form. The scholarship application deadline is April 30th.

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